Yemen Emergency Appeal
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Yemen Emergency Appeal

Yemen is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with more than 24 million people – some 80% of the population are in need of humanitarian assistance. More than 12 million are children. Since the conflict escalated in March 2015, the country has suffered with acute malnutrition, loss of housing, disease and famine as thousands starve.

With the onset of the Corona virus, the people of Yemen are under further threat. The UN warns that the coronavirus pandemic could wipe Yemen off entirely, as social distancing and weakened immune systems due to famine make it virtually impossible to assist in fighting off the spread of the virus. Yemen needs us – their survival depends on it.

Penny Appeal's Response:

How to Help Yemen: Our Emergency Response

Penny Appeal are working hand in hand with our partners to reach vulnerable Yemenis with life-saving food, water and hygiene essentials and to strengthen healthcare systems by providing PPE and Testing Kits to hospitals.

Our work is focused in Aden and Taiz, where millions of internally displaced Yemeni people are struggling to survive, having fled from conflict in other parts of the country.

Food and Water

Penny Appeal has reached over 2,100 Yemeni people in recent weeks with Food Packs containing essentials such as rice, lentils, sugar and wheat. We plan to expand our programmes to provide life-saving food to more people.

We are providing 13 communities in Taiz with 3,000 litre water tanks that will be filled three times a week, providing clean water to 12,500 people.

For one month, 100 extremely vulnerable Yemeni families in Taiz will also receive daily nutritious cooked meals.

Hygiene Kits

We’ve provided Hygiene Kits to 2,100 displaced people in Aden and Taiz, including soap, towels, detergent and antiseptic soap. We are planning to expand our distributions to protect more lives from COVID-19.

PPE and Hospital Equipment

We have distributed PPE and Coronavirus Testing Kits to Aden State Hospital and 26 Emergency Operation Centres, to help protect lives and prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

With your support, we have helped over 82,000 people in Yemen over the last five years. However, in a country where 24 million people needed humanitarian aid even before the coronavirus pandemic hit, we urgently need your help to reach more extremely vulnerable Yemeni people.