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Gaza Emergency Response

The recent escalation of war in the Occupied Palestinian Territory has triggered yet another distressing cycle of devastation and human hardship for the inhabitants of Gaza. Tragically, numerous civilians, with a significant number being women and children, have lost their lives, while thousands have seen their homes and livelihoods reduced to rubble. These survivors find themselves in dire need of essential life-saving provisions such as water, shelter, and sustenance, along with critical assistance to help them rebuild their shattered lives. Your support can make a significant impact in this time of urgent need.





Exchanges of fire in the towns and communities in Israel surrounding Gaza continued for the second consecutive day following the infiltration of members of Palestinian armed groups into Israel. Palestinian armed groups in Gaza continued rocket fire into Israel. Simultaneously, Israeli continued air, naval and land strikes throughout the night and morning.

Thousands of Palestinians are without shelter, and your help is needed.