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We want to help as many poor and needy people around the world as we can, including those in our own communities here in the South Africa. We have carefully developed our At Home campaign to offer much-needed support to the most vulnerable in our communities. We focus largely on food distributions, sustainable livelihoods, water solution projects, education, ECD, health, female empowerment and so much more throughout South Africa.


Breakfast Club

Many South African children go to school on a daily basis without breakfast or food during the day due to poverty. This causes low energy levels and low concentration levels, making learning difficult. Penny Appeal strives to keep the fund growing and ensure more children can have a warm breakfast before the start of the school day. We understand the importance of a healthy breakfast for each child and through our Breakfast Club project, we provide nutritious breakfast cereal to ensure each child has the best start to the day.



Penny Appeal has identified many communities whose lives could be transformed through access to clean, safe water. We utilize a variety of resources to enable our teams to select the most appropriate and cost-effective water provision dependent on the specific needs of communities. We are committed to providing fresh water to various communities in South Africa.


Education First

We believe that education is one of the most important factors which offer the youth a brighter future, and better chance to access a brighter and more successful future. Our Education First project also aims to ensure that our support of schools, individuals, and facilities promote the well-being of the learner, and encourages access to quality education for all. Your support ensures that the youth have a better chance of accessing a brighter, successful tomorrow.


Emergency Response

Penny Appeal’s Emergency Response teams are on the ground in countries around the world such as Syria, Palestine and Yemen, providing disaster relief by saving and healing precious lives.
With our years of experience, resources and local knowledge, we are in the strongest position we’ve ever been in to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies.
But we need your help.


Winter Warmth Project

During the Winter Warmth project we distributes warm blankets and care packs to the homeless women, men and children. The distributions also includes a hot meal to provide nutrition and warmth during the cold winter nights.