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1.5 Million
Die from
Each Year

Through our Thirst Relief programs, we’re providing safe water to enables local to drink, wash, clean, and irrigate their crops as well as hydrate their animals. Our Thirst Relief programs lead to healther lives, better educated communities and route out of poverty.

Thirst Relief Hand Pumps and Deep Water Wells Building a well is an excellent way to honour the memory of a loved one. Help save those lives by providing communities with access to clean, safe water starting at R700 per month.

Solar Powered Water and Power Centres We're innovating by harnessing the power of the sun to provide water and electricity. These incredibles feat of engineering can provide water and electricity to entire communities.

How Clean Water
Changed One Village

By providing access to clean, safe drinking water — as well as sanitation and hygiene education — you can promote educated and healthy societies. Watch to see how building a well transformed this community in Bangladesh