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Our Global Emergency Fund

Each year, we respond to dozens of new and ongoing disasters, emergencies, and conflicts around the world. We providie humanitarian assistance to thousands of people to ensure they receive food, clean water, healthcare and shelter when they need it most. The Global Emergency Response Fund functions as a streamlined and efficient mechanism to help Penny Appeal respond to emergencies around the world.

Shelter, Food, Clean Water We stock our warehouses globally to ensure we've got water purification tablets and systems, medical emergency kits and tents, as well as other basic reqirements to jump start a relief mission when disasters strike.

How you can help Annually, we aim to have R1 Million available in our Global Emergency Response Fund to ensure we're well equipped to respond. This is only possible if generous donors like yourself make a monthly commitment to help us get there.

Here's How Your Donation Will Help


Years of brutal fighting have devastated Syria. 13 million have fled their homes and millions more are in desperate need. We're helping deliver vital aid.


Your support helps us to continue delivering aid to the beseiged people of Palestine. We sponsor orphans, provide food aid and medical aid.


Over a decade of war has meant Iraq is devastated. Our work on the ground continues to rehabilitate lives amidst a war zone.