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Gambia Statement

On August 13, 2020 Penny Appeal South Africa was notified by Penny Appeal UK of an alleged safeguarding incident in The Gambia at a local community-based organization, supported by one of Penny Appeal UK’s partners. While we are still trying to ascertain the exact nature and extent of these allegations, we are deeply concerned.

Penny Appeal South Africa has always and will continue to prioritize the welfare and safety of children at the forefront of all we do.

We have a zero tolerance approach toward any acts which threaten the wellbeing and safeguarding of those we serve. We place explicit emphasis on the well-being and safeguarding of especially children. We welcome the commissioning of a full, transparent, and independent investigation into all related matters. Further updates will be provided once the investigation is completed. To date, we have not partnered or funded any projects in The Gambia from our South African territory.

Penny Appeal South Africa is an independently operated organization, with our own policies of governance and compliance in accordance to the standards set by the South African government. We apply utmost care in ensuring that we apply due diligence protocols in all activities, and support those with the highest standards in terms of transparency, capacity, and impact to beneficiaries, and with a dignified approach to serving vulnerable communities.