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Over 33 million people in need of urgent help across Pakistan!

The extreme monsoon downpours across Pakistan have affected over 33 million people so far, with the government issuing warnings of further life-threatening downpours. The country's climate minister has declared a state of emergency, and Penny Appeal is supporting the high commission and people of Pakistan during this time of emergency and crisis. Families are mourning their loved ones while trying to survive these horrific conditions – we must act now!




The southern city of Karachi, home to 16 million people, has suffered the immense impact of these extreme conditions, with homes, and entire neighbourhoods submerged in water. Buildings have been destroyed, crops have been swept away and the road and infrastructure damage has been catastrophic.

Pakistan ranks among the most vulnerable countries on the Global Climate Risk Index when it comes to extreme weather conditions, and this situation is sadly only getting worse.

Penny Appeal Pakistan have been providing essentials to help families survive these circumstances. From food packs, clean water, jerry cans and hot meals, we are working to support those most in need. But we must do more!

Our brothers and sisters in Pakistan need us now!




Flood Relief for Pakistan

The downpours in Pakistan have been record breaking, leaving a wave of devastation in their wake. Families are living in dread knowing the likelihood of further rainfall. In Pakistan, the monsoon season runs from July through to September, so it is vital that we get support out to those in need to avoid the death toll rising.

Penny Appeal Pakistan is working to organise relief support for the victims of these deadly floods and provide essential aid to those who need it most with the help of our partners on the ground.

Please help us support with food, water, and shelter – families are in desperate need, you could help save a life today. Please donate now, this is an emergency.