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Kashmir Appeal

The Kashmir emergency is a severe humanitarian crisis which has been developing since August 2019. There has been an ongoing territorial war between Pakistan and India over the Kashmir region. This has resulted in a lockdown in Kashmir as they are caught in the crossfire. Penny Appeal has been providing emergency relief in the area to aid the Kashmir people who are suffering as some lost their homes in the conflict and with all communication and food sources have cut off, few people are able to obtain food and medical care.

Food grains, vegetables and other domestic items were reported to be out of stock in most houses. A curfew placed upon citizens has caused many difficulties; particularly for children who have missed out on schooling and daily labourers who are unable to earn their living. People's ability to access markets has also become a challenge.

For the past few months, mobile phone networks, landlines and internet access have been cut off in the region, meaning that Penny Appeal were unable to connect with partner organisations in the area, in order to administer aid and relief second-hand.

Penny Appeal's Response:

Penny Appeal have received an opportunity to provide aid to the people of Kashmir in the form of food packs, baby food and emergency medical support (including insulin, blood pressure medication and other items), and other basic essentials and commodities to needy families. This will be delivered through a Kashmir-based local partner organisation.

Our food packs will consist of rice, sugar, wheat flower, vegetable oil, lentils, red chilli, spices, salt, tea powder and beans. The baby food will consist of milk powder and Cerelac.

Medical supplies will be distributed to families who are dependent on them, and have suffered from the sudden lack of access. Our Emergency Relief team has transported nearly 250 critical individuals to hospital since the crisis began, and require assistance and capacity in order to continue this essential service