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My Best Ten Nights

During these last ten days and nights, reap the rewards of the month of mercy by donating to our many projects and campaigns.
We will ensure that a single transaction secured your funds to us, and then provide a split allocation every night- just the way you want it to be!

Less administrative expenses, less transaction fees- double the reward, triple the impact.

Donation Causes

Thirst Relief

With proper sanitation and easy access to fresh, clean water, communities can flourish and people everywhere can stay happy and healthy. Donate toward our water relief fund so that your gift of clean water reaches those in need in Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Feed Our World

Through Feed Our World, we have provided thousands of families and vulnerable individuals with access to food security. Our efforts are focused on food vouchers, food packs, and food garden start ups to those in need in South Africa, Palestine, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Malawi and many more areas. Help us provide food security to communities who need your help.

Child Sponsorship Fund

Every sponsorship helps change a child’s life for the better, forever. This beautiful form of sponsorship will help provide an orphaned and vulnerable child with all their essential needs so that they have a better chance at transforming their lives for the better.

COVID-19 Relief

Penny Appeal has been on the ground distributing hundreds of Covid Relief interventions and supplies. We have provided hygiene kits, vitamin packs and oxygen concentrators to cities inSouth Africa, as well as Malawi. Our Hardship Grant provides families affected by economic devastation with support until they are enable to be self sustaining again. Donate today and help us heal from the pandemic impact.

Yemen Emergency Appeal

The humanitarian situation in Yemen is deteriorating. According to the 2021 Yemen Humanitarian Needs Overview, 20.7 million people require some form of humanitarian and protection assistance, and more than 16.2 million of them face the threat of famine. Worryingly, 5 million people are estimated to be on the verge of famine in the next six months. Donate to providing food, shelter and medical needs for the people and children of Yemen.

Donation Summary